The group, “Carol Mile” started in 2006, founded by Eduard Myketyn (formerly known as, “Compromise”). Since its beginning, many talented artists have played in the band such as Boris Laperashwilli, Nikolai Pitkevitsh, the Schatz brothers, Volodimyr Pavlov, Pawel Bishko, Antonyna Kovalchuk, etc.


Meaning of the Bands Name:

In the english language “carol” is a joyful or cheerful song sung in times of celebration, such as Christmas. The band's name may then be interpreted as the, “Joyful Mile”, making reference to the group’s repertoire which features many modern interpretations of traditional Christmas carols.


The group’s presence stretches all over Germany, as well as Austria and Switzerland. Carol Mile performs at weddings, birthdays, Christmas as well as New years events, and corporate events.


Our bands members are shown below:


Eddy  Myketyn,  drums & vocal    

Michael Harashko,  keyboards, vocal

         Polly Etayo,  vocal

Mario Raos,  guitars

Mike  Koifmann,  bass & vocal

The musicians who were taking part in projects of group:

Volodimir Pawlow,  piano, keyboards

Antonina Kovalchuk, lead & back vocal

Olena  Savka, saxophone, violin

Yulia  Zolotareva, viola

Nik Pytkevych, saxophone, clarinet, vocal  

Pawlo  Bishko, guitars, vocal, accordion

Taras Yachshenko, composition, piano

David  Ungemach, harmonica, vocal

Jacub Zyrowski, violin, trumpet, vocal

Mishka Oursik, guitars,


Yuriy Taranovych, guitars

Igor  Vedeneev,  keyboards